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What Is Swedish Massage?

Swedish massage is a classic massage that represents the European standard for massage. It can have many benefits.

Understanding Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a whole-body massage treatment that restores the health of muscles and soft tissues. It creates a balancing and calming effect on your nervous system.

The massage therapist can use five massage techniques to do Swedish massage. These approaches are:

  • Kneading

  • Gliding

  • Rubbing

  • Vibration

  • Taping and pounding

Benefits of Swedish Massage

Swedish massage near me can provide these benefits.

  1. Improve your blood flow and circulation

  2. Ease muscle tension by eliminating toxins

  3. Keep tendons and ligaments supple

  4. Improve your motion range

  5. Reduce physical and emotional stress

  6. Ease chronic pain and back pain.

What To Expect

Your Swedish massage session will be 60–90 minutes. You will undress privately, lie on the comfortable massage table, and cover yourself with a towel. The massage therapist uncovers part of your body to access the target area.

Your massage therapist can use some essential oils and lotions after assessing you before the session starts. They will apply them and massage the target area with techniques to achieve specific goals. If they are rubbing a tender spot, they will change approaches to ensure you are comfortable.

The massage therapist can play some music during the Swedish massage session. You can ask them to stop the music if you don't like it. They may also talk you through the session. These discussions will be to determine what you want and ensure the session meets your needs.

You will be calm and relaxed after the Swedish massage session. The massage will also improve your blood circulation.

Get Swedish Massage

Kneading Therapeutic Wellness offers expert, comfortable, and affordable massage services. Contact us if you are looking for a Swedish massage near me.

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